Every Good Friday, come rain or shine, my Grandmother would say “Good Friday? I don’t know why it’s called Good Friday. There’s nothing good about it”. She was actually wrong because there were hot cross buns, but I guess that wasn’t her point.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was told of a child who wrote at school this Easter that Jesus died on Good Friday and came back on Happy Sunday. Happy Sunday would be such a god name for the day! He came back and the disciples were happy.

Good apart from God dying?

So what did they think on Good Friday? Did they gaze up at the cross and say “Despite everything, this is a good Friday”? I doubt it. The interpretation of it being a good day is a later construct. I imagine they would have been more inclined at the time to call it Really Quite Miserable Friday.

And they didn’t even have hot cross buns.

Seen at our Easter scripts?

Don’t forget that we have a couple of Easter-period drama scripts available for download on this site for use in church services – God in Your Cupboard for use in Lent, an Easter Morning script Sunday 4am, and the inexplicable script about Easter, faith and chocolate, A Chocolate Tomb.

I’m sure a Good Friday one must be coming along sometime soon…