Satnavitivity explains (with the aid of Lego™ people) why the Wise Men missed the main event and turned up late for the birth of Jesus. Yes, you guessed, it wasn’t to do with the stars or with that pesky King Herod, the problem was new-fangled technology! In the words of the DramatisDei satnav, “Recalculating – recalculating – recalculating…”

This short video was created for The Nativity Factor, a site inviting people to create short and snappy videos about the nativity.

(My  spell-checker doesn’t like the word satnav, it wants me to change it to sauna, Santa or Satan. I’m trying to figure if it is telling me something deep and meaningful…)

Short snappy drama

If you want to stage some fairly snappy Christmas stories as part of your church worship, we have three Christmas drama scripts available for download:

Sheepville – in which the three shepherds are too busy to listen to the angel’s news. Even the angel is nearly distracted by the Sheepville game on the GameThing!

The Hotel Inspector – in which a hotel inspector questions the whole business model of a certain inn in Bethlehem based on what he found there on one starry night…

The Other Christmas Story – well, which is THE christmas story? There are so many to choose from!