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The main thing is to have fun performing the scripts! If you want to chat about any aspect of the scripts or performance you can post comments or private message me (Rod) on the Facebook page. However, here are a couple of questions you may ask along the way, and their answers.

Do I have to pay a copyright fee to print the script for my actors?

No! To make things easy for you the purchase price includes my permission (as author) to print a “performance set” of scripts – that means one for each of the actors, director and any other member of production team using them in a performance. You should take them back at the end of the performance and of course you can’t pass them on to others – see The DramatisDei Deal. If you have any questions please email me, or message me on facebook.

Do I have to buy a performance license to stage it?

No, our purchase price grants you license to perform the item without further charge so long as you are a not-for-profit organisation and you are not charging. Even if you don’t meet those requirements you still may not have to pay (or pay a very small fee), but see The DramatisDei Deal, and if you are in doubt or want to enquire further please email me, or message me on facebook.

Can I change words in the script?

More than anything else I want the scripts to be useful and fun for you, so if you feel you need to change one or two names, words or phrases to better suit the place, time or age range of your actors or audience then go ahead, so long as you don’t change the meaning at all. However, re-writing whole sections of any script is generally not OK because it then becomes a different script that has plagiarised the original. If you are unsure please email me, or message me on facebook.

Can I video the performance?

I have performed dramas and know how much fun (or embarrassment) it is to see yourself on video, so go ahead, record yourselves and have a laugh (or a post-mortem) over the playback. You can also upload the best moments (up to about 20% of the total script length) to your website, Facebook or YouTube so long as you credit the author (Rod Belt) and add a link to

If you want to distribute copies of the video, or charge for a showing, or if you want to upload a video of the whole performance, then you will need to contact me.  See The DramatisDei Deal and email me, or message me on facebook.


About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.