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Third Sunday in Lent, Year C
Inspired by Luke 13:1-9 and Isaiah 55:1-9.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

In your name Lord we come:
struggling, imperfect,
annoying, confused,
grumpy, impatient,
weary, worried,
Your people, gathered together;
here to worship, here in your name.
Accept us Lord, and be among us today.




We realise, Lord, that we deserve judgement:
judgement of the things we’ve done and the things we have not done,
the things we’ve said and the things we have not said.
But it turns out you are a God of second chances,
and third and fourth chances.
We confess that we have allowed laziness, selfishness, pride and anger to damage our lives and the lives of those around us
so we ask that today you will give second chances.

Give us a second chance, Lord, to do those things today that we should have done yesterday; to say those things we should have said yesterday.

Give us a second chance in our relationships: to look on what is good and not what is bad, to be honest, to be accepting and to say sorry.

Give a second chance to all those we know who are in need. [especially… or brief pause]

Give a second chance to those around us who feel trapped in lives they never intended to have.

Give a second chance to those who have caused pain to others, allowing them be the ones to bring healing.

Give a second chance to our nation, allowing it to rise from selfish indifference to become the beacon it has the potential to be.

Give a second chance to our national leaders and all the leaders of the world, to take today the risks and difficult decisions that they put off yesterday.

Give a second chance to the hungry of this world, bringing rain where there has been none and political will where it has been lacking.

Give a second chance to the homeless, so that the nights in the rain with the cold eating through their bones will finally end.

Give a second chance to children who have not had the care or attention that they deserve, so that they will be able to grow and thrive and enjoy the fullness of life.

Give a second chance to those who hate, opening their eyes to forgiveness.

Lord, give us the grace to recognise your second chances
and to have the humility to take them;
give us a second chance to change our world,
to change your world forever.



© Rod Belt 2013, 2016

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