Prayer: Free

Today make each one of us more free:
free from fear,
free to live with hope and joy and generosity.
(3–9 July Year A)

Carol Service Prayers – Making Dark Places Sparkly

The days are short and the wind cold,
and in our houses there are dark, shadowy corners.
But with love and hope
help us to bathe our world in sparkle and wonder.

Prayers of Remembrance and Standing for Good

We remember that in every generation
people all over the world have made a choice:
who to stand for? who to live or die for?
(6–12 November Year A)

Prayers of Fruitfulness

(2–8 October Year A)
We’ve tried to be good Christians when we should have been good friends.
We’ve tried to be right when we should have been fruitful.
Help us to be fruitful Lord.

Prayer: Called Out of Our Depth

We hear you calling us out of our safe places,
beckoning us onward
to journey uncomfortably with you
(19-25 June Year A)

Pentecost Prayers: A Sudden Spark

Burn your gospel of peace into the essence of our being
and your gospel of love into the core of who we are
(Pentecost Year A)

Finding the Way – Prayers for the Confused

(Fifth Sunday of Easter Year A)
“Show us how to give up the life we struggle to have
And help us to take up your offer of abundant life, wonderful life
And then to bring the joy of your life to all those around us.”

Walk With Us – Prayers of Surprise

(Third Sunday of Easter Year A)
“Join us, surprise us
Ask the awkward questions
And reveal your living truth.”

Prayer – Becoming All You Want Us To Be

Help each of us to recognise the skills and gifts you have placed within us,
then to work hard to develop and nurture them,
so that we will become everything that you mean us to be.
(13–19 November Year A)