Prayer: Faith to Change The World

Help us to bring change,
never settling for the way things are
but always trying to reflect your love,
your justice, your compassion and forgiveness.
(12–18 June Year C)

Advent Candle Readings – Future, Justice, Joy, Peace

Short advent-candle lighting scripts with weekly themes of the future, justice, joy and peace.

Prayer: Demolishing the Walls

We want to feel the world your way,
flinging wide the doors
and letting the breath of your world surround us.
(Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C)

Prayer: Faces in the Crowd

We are here Lord:
the young and the old, rich and poor,
the wise and the foolish, healthy and infirm.
(Palm Sunday Year C)

Prayer: Today is a New Day

We are your unlikely body on earth;
so give us the strength to help others move on
from the yesterdays that bind them
(Fifth Sunday in Lent Year C)

Prayers for Second Chances

Give us a second chance, Lord, to do those things today that we should have done yesterday; to say those things we should have said yesterday.
(Third Sunday in Lent Year C)

Prayers of Temptation and Sparkly Lives

When we stop being tempted by illusions of lives that are more sparkly
we can look around and see those who are in need here and now.
(First Sunday in Lent Year C)

Dazzling Change – Prayers of Transfiguration

We’re not standing on any lofty mountain
but we have a god who is changing us every day,
making us ready to reach out and change a broken world.
(Transfiguration Sunday Year C)

Prayers of Worlds Transformed

You transformed a belief in laws into a faith of grace;
you transformed the everyday into the extraordinary.
(14-20 January Year C)