Beautifully Mistranslated – the brain clever Holy Ghost

Translation is a wonderful but dangerous thing. So here is a question – what needs placing in rhythm so as to let your hands relax and brain clever?

How To Do Drama #37 Rewriting the Bible

Churches have sensibilities. Jonah can negotiate with a fish, John can prefer garlic bread but Jesus can’t change his menu. How can Christian drama negotiate this?

Inspired by television

The ideas and inspiration for writing can come from anywhere – our Script of the Month “The Hotel Inspector” came from necessity – and television.

Mind your language – the minefield of paraphrase

Over at BiteMyBible there is a discussion about the acceptability or otherwise of translating the Bible into dialect or colloquial language. Those preaching, leading worship or presenting dramas want to make the Bible accessible – but it is a balancing act with few right answers!

Darwin at 200 – time for the church to own up?

150 years ago, Charles Darwin suggested an explanation for the wealth of animal types on this planet. In doing so he caused a storm of controversy that has never gone away. But has the church damaged itself by choosing the wrong side of the argument?