Easy Last Minute Drama for your Christmas Services

It’s not too late to use one of these two scripts in your Christmas service. One is a monologue, one a two-hander, scripts can be held and improvisation wouldn’t hurt. Go on, cheer up your church!

Advent Candle Readings – Future, Justice, Joy, Peace

Short advent-candle lighting scripts with weekly themes of the future, justice, joy and peace.

Advent Candle Readings – Expectation, Preparation, Justice, Joy

Short advent-candle lighting scripts with weekly themes of expectation, preparation, justice and joy.

White Wine in the Sun

White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin – a sentimental atheist song about Christmas. It’s very good really, if a little odd. Discuss.


Ever wondered why the wise men were late to the birth of Jesus? Satnavitivity reveals the simple truth.

Quickfire Nativity

We love funny videos. We love the Christmas story. We love it when they go together.

Help – Christmas is coming!

Like everyone else we at DramatisDei are forced to think about Christmas sooner than we want to. Also like everyone else we want to complain about it. Moan moan moan.

Epiphany, the BBC Nativity and the Star of Bethlehem

The Epiphany is when we celebrate the Magi visiting the new-born king. But what was this star they followed? The BBC Nativity suggested a conjunction of planets. Have they got it right?

Epiphany and the walls look bare

Epiphany is the traditional ending to Christmas, but as the pretty lights and colourful decorations get stowed away for eleven months the walls look kind of bare…

Have an ethical Christmas!

Could ethical gifts give you a new perspective this Christmas? As the economic conditions continue to looks gloomy and the factories of southern China struggle to cater for all our crazy advertisement-fuelled whims this festive season, the ethical gift catalogues blossom. Here is a pick.

Inspired by television

The ideas and inspiration for writing can come from anywhere – our Script of the Month “The Hotel Inspector” came from necessity – and television.

The pantomime of Christmas stamps

Over the past few years a manufactured and misplaced Christian outrage has dampened the happiness of the modern Christmas tradition of the Christmas Stamp.