Prayer: A Voice Calling

Original prayers for you to use in any time of worship.
“Let us listen before we talk, let us offer help before we offer opinion,
And let us show humility before we show judgement.”

Prayers of Temptation and Sparkly Lives

When we stop being tempted by illusions of lives that are more sparkly
we can look around and see those who are in need here and now.
(First Sunday in Lent Year C)

Dazzling Change – Prayers of Transfiguration

We’re not standing on any lofty mountain
but we have a god who is changing us every day,
making us ready to reach out and change a broken world.
(Transfiguration Sunday Year C)

Prayers for Insignificant People

You ask us to come in humility
so that we can be friends to the friendless,
hope to the hopeless.
(18-24 September Year B)

How To Do Drama #37 Rewriting the Bible

Churches have sensibilities. Jonah can negotiate with a fish, John can prefer garlic bread but Jesus can’t change his menu. How can Christian drama negotiate this?

Really quite miserable Friday

Good Friday? It’s a name to puzzle children and grandmothers alike.

Marmite Jesus

Love it or hate it, but it appears that Jesus has chosen to endorse Marmite. In a kitchen in Wales. And, presumably, to use it as a medium to remind the world of his endless love. Are there serious issues or can we safely just laugh?

Mind your language – the minefield of paraphrase

Over at BiteMyBible there is a discussion about the acceptability or otherwise of translating the Bible into dialect or colloquial language. Those preaching, leading worship or presenting dramas want to make the Bible accessible – but it is a balancing act with few right answers!