Prayer: Demolishing the Walls

We want to feel the world your way,
flinging wide the doors
and letting the breath of your world surround us.
(Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C)

Prayers – Loving Your Neighbour

We are called to love God with every part of our being,
to love friends, relations, acquaintances, strangers.
Not just love a bit, but love in abundance.
(30 October-5 November Year B)

Marriage, sanctity and gay sexuality – where is the love?

Presidents and Prime Ministers are ensnared in it, social media hotly debate it – the nature of marriage, its sanctity and openness to gay couples is a topic that isn’t going to go away. Are we about to break marriage, or make it?

A hell of a debate 2 – love wins what?

The debate over Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” has raised some interesting issues, in particular this one – what did Christ save you from or to? Is my salvation the same as yours?

A hell of a debate – Rob Bell’s Love Wins takes church by surprise

Rob Bell, that rock star of hip Christian theology, has stirred up heated controversy out of an issue that was gathering theological dust. Do you believe in Hell? Does God?