Is the climate changing? It depends how you ask the question!

A poll reveals that those on the right of American politics are more inclined to believe in climate change than global warming. It’s all in the wording!

Faith and science for beginners

If we are to understand the world we live in, we are going to need science to tell us how it works and faith to help us understand the meaning and purpose. The Test of Faith course goes beyond the increasingly entrenched opinions (think Dawkins and creationism) and helps people think intelligently about some of the most important issues of our time.

Prince Charles, the environment and our soul

The Prince of wales thinks our society has a big inner problem: a disconnection between humanity and nature, a collective loss of soul.

Are Christians finally on board in the climate change war?

Is global climate change finally on the agenda of a Church that has always proclaimed that God calls us to be stewards of His creation?

Darwin at 200 – time for the church to own up?

150 years ago, Charles Darwin suggested an explanation for the wealth of animal types on this planet. In doing so he caused a storm of controversy that has never gone away. But has the church damaged itself by choosing the wrong side of the argument?