Easy Last Minute Drama for your Christmas Services

It’s not too late to use one of these two scripts in your Christmas service. One is a monologue, one a two-hander, scripts can be held and improvisation wouldn’t hurt. Go on, cheer up your church!

How To Do Drama #9 Who Needs a Producer?

Everyone knows what an actor does and what a writer does. But what is a producer? Importantly, do you need one?

Life lessons in the jungle!

When a young cast throw themselves into a set of scripts with gusto and an even younger audience laugh their socks off, you know you have all got something right!

Drama scripts worldwide

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Help – Christmas is coming!

Like everyone else we at DramatisDei are forced to think about Christmas sooner than we want to. Also like everyone else we want to complain about it. Moan moan moan.

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How To Do Drama

Are you in a drama group? Or perhaps you are trying to form one or run one? How to do drama aims to help the young drama group and its terrified actors, hopeful director and baffled script writer survive in the exciting but frightening world of drama.

How To Do Drama #37 Rewriting the Bible

Churches have sensibilities. Jonah can negotiate with a fish, John can prefer garlic bread but Jesus can’t change his menu. How can Christian drama negotiate this?

How To Do Drama #7 Understanding the Script

Drama starts with a script. If you have never read a script before you may find it daunting but essentially a script is a list of who says what and when. Simple!