Labelled and Dismissed?

A meditation. We all simplify life by giving the people around us handy labels – beardy man, quiet lady. Is this an innocent convenience or a harmful habit?

Is it time for same-sex partnership ceremonies in church?

The UK Government is consulting on whether to allow churches to host civil same-sex partnership ceremonies. Is this a good solution?

Prince Charles, the environment and our soul

The Prince of wales thinks our society has a big inner problem: a disconnection between humanity and nature, a collective loss of soul.

The pantomime of Christmas stamps

Over the past few years a manufactured and misplaced Christian outrage has dampened the happiness of the modern Christmas tradition of the Christmas Stamp.

Troubled by doubles

The nature/nurture debate has troubled people for years. Looking at identical twins raises big questions about the roles of parents in shaping children – like, can we?

Marmite Jesus

Love it or hate it, but it appears that Jesus has chosen to endorse Marmite. In a kitchen in Wales. And, presumably, to use it as a medium to remind the world of his endless love. Are there serious issues or can we safely just laugh?