Prayer: Open the Gates!

As we remember Christ entering into Jerusalem
we lay down our burdens, fears, hopes and dreams
at your feet.
(Palm Sunday Year B)

Prayers of Power

You are a king of all and for all,
with all and in all,
forgetting nothing and forgiving everything.
(20-26 November Year B)

Prayers of Christ Here

Who knows?
Who among us really knows when Christ comes?
But we see the signs of his presence all around.
(13-19 November Year B)

Prayers of Travelling Light

Help us to travel lightly Lord,
as we walk into each new day.
Do we need all our things, the comforts and gadgets and clutter?
(3–9 July Year B)

Prayers for Stormy Times

So many in this world are refugees, leaving a cherished land behind,
nothing ahead but vague hopes and shadowy fears.
(19-25 June Year B)

Prayers of Vivid Lives

Lord our Shepherd,
today feed those fleeing from wars or terror;
don’t let us ever turn a blind eye to suffering
and be alive in the work of all those who reach out to help
(Fourth Sunday of Easter Year B)

Prayers of Understanding and Loving

As we watch the news, chat and hear stories,
surprises and shocks, joys and heartbreaks,
Open our minds to understand and our hearts to love.
(Fifth Sunday of Easter Year B)

Prayers of Confusion and Understanding

Guide us to understand the complex and baffling details of modern life;
understand what you are really telling us;
understand each other.
(Third Sunday of Easter Year B)

Prayers Because Nothing Good Comes from Here

Can anything good come from this place, from the shuttered shops and minds?
Somewhere, or everywhere, your voice is calling, calling us to be the difference.
(14-20 January Year B)

Prayers of Sacrifice

We remember those who down the generations
have given everything to build a better world.
Lord help us to bring your everlasting love to this weary earth.
(6-12 November Year B)

Prayers – Loving Your Neighbour

We are called to love God with every part of our being,
to love friends, relations, acquaintances, strangers.
Not just love a bit, but love in abundance.
(30 October-5 November Year B)

Prayer Through Child’s Eyes

Let us see again
through new eyes, a child’s eyes,
full of wonder,
full of hope.
(23-29 October Year B)

Prayers of Calling

We are trying Lord,
trying to walk in your footsteps, follow your path
and we are not really very good at it.
(16-22 October Year B)

Prayers – What Must We Do?

What must we do Lord?
How can we serve your world, how can we serve each other?
What must we do Lord?
(9-15 October Year B)

Prayers in a Time of Change

You are the God who always is,
the God who never ceases
and we ask you to do a new thing today
and change everything.
(2-8 October Year B)

Prayers for All who are Sent

Lord, give us the power to change your world,
the openness to do it all a new way
and the courage to start now.
(25 September-1 October Year B)

Prayers for Insignificant People

You ask us to come in humility
so that we can be friends to the friendless,
hope to the hopeless.
(18-24 September Year B)

Prayer for Putting Stuff Down

We have heard a voice saying “give it up, give it all up”
and so we have come to offer up to you
all our burdens, our fears, our relationships, our hopes.
(11–17 September Year B)

Prayers for Strangers at the Gate

Open our eyes to the strangers at the gate:
the newcomer looking for a friendly face;
the huddled, weary migrants searching for a place to call home;
(4-10 September Year B)