For the single cost of downloading a script you are granted rights to print out as many copies of the script as you need, perform it as often as you like, video yourselves and upload a clip to the YouTube/Facebook/your website/wherever. That’s a great deal!

The whole deal

The DramatisDei Deal is an all-in-one package included in the purchase price of every script you buy from this site. There are full details on the back page of each script (reprinted lower down this page) but here is what you can do with one of the scripts:

  • Perform it – lots of times! So long as you are a not-for-profit organisation or group and you are not charging anyone to see your performances then you can perform the script as often as you like for the next five years.
  • Print copies for the whole team! You can print or copy a “performance set” of scripts – that means a copy for everyone involved.
  • Video yourselves! You can make one video or audio recording for your group’s archives (and so you can all gather round the television with a pizza and have a good laugh at your mistakes).
  • Put a clip on your website or Facebook! You can even upload a short video clip of the performance (up to 20%) to the web – maybe Facebook or YouTube or your church/school website.

If your requirements aren’t covered here, don’t panic, see “I want to do more” below. 

Fantastic deal – doesn’t everyone do that?

Copyright and performing rights can be an expensive minefield for the unwary drama group. Authors (quite rightly) want to be rewarded for their work and want the fruits of their imagination (their intellectual property) protecting. Unfortunately the traditional way this works is that if you find a promising script you will soon find the small print that says (a) you can’t copy the script – you need to buy a copy for each actor, and (b) you often can’t perform the script without written permission from the publisher – who will charge a fee to buy a performance license, maybe for just one performance.

If the scripts are in a book you might also be buying many copies of a book that only has one or two dramas that look suitable or inspiring.  This could be a lot of expense for not much material.

I want you to have a fair deal and the simplicity of one purchase, and that’s why I created the DramatisDei Deal. The single price of the script covers most of the needs of most customers.

I want to do more…

If you want to charge for entry or want to make extra copies of a video recording then you will need to contact me  because you may need to pay a small charge. I will respond quickly and fairly – I want the scripts performed and everyone to enjoy themselves! In all cases you must make sure the author and this website are properly credited – but that costs you nothing.

Of course there are some things you just can’t do. You can’t alter the script (apart from minor details- see Frequently Asked Questions) or pass it off as your own – but then you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that anyway. And you can’t pass the scripts or these rights on to another group. Tell them to visit this site and buy their own!

That’s the DramatisDei Deal and I can’t see how it could be better!

Now, for those who are really curious, here is an example of the actual wording you get attached to a script.

Example full details

This script is copyright © Rod Belt. All rights reserved.
The right of Rod Belt to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted.

The copyright holder’s permission must always be obtained before the copying, performance or recording of any dramatic work. Licenses normally cover one performance of a work. However, with your purchase of this script the author grants you the following rights.

Purchase of this script from DramatisDei licenses your non-profit organisation to unlimited performance royalty-free for five years from date of purchase if there is no charge to the audience to attend. If there is a paying audience or commercial involvement please see the notes further down this page.

You are granted the right to print or copy a “performance set” of scripts. This means one script per actor/performer taking part and one script each for the director, producer, musical director and technical director (where these exist). At the end of the production these scripts must be retained by the purchaser or destroyed. No script may be uploaded to the internet or circulated electronically.

You are granted license to make one video or audio recording of a performance for your archives. If you want to make further copies (whether for sale or not) or to charge an audience to view the recording there is a small fee – please contact sales at for rates. Very short extracts of a recording (no more than 20% of running time of any script) may be made for placing on websites etc – if in doubt ask us.

These rights are granted to the purchaser. These rights are non-transferable and rights and/or scripts cannot be resold. You may not represent the script as your own. All copies of scripts must include the original copyright notice and these conditions. All publicity or recordings must credit the author of the script. Any online publicity or uploaded video or audio extracts must credit the author and include a link to

The words “you” or “yours” in these notices means the individual or organisation (drama group, church, school, club) purchasing the script.

If an admission charge is made or the performance is being paid for by a commercial organisation then there is a sliding scale of (reasonable) fees which depends on the size of the audience and the total number of minutes of our material that is being performed. Please contact sales at for charges.