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Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year C
Inspired by John 12:1-8, Philippians 3:4b-14 and Isaiah 43:16-21.

Opening prayers or Call to worship

Lord let us shout out our praises,
let us sing out in joy.
Let us laugh and be happy
because our God is great
and wonderful
and loving
and welcoming.
You make a way where there can’t be a way,
you make dry ground spring to life,
you create hope from despair
and so we call out your name
and we worship you now.


With you Lord, today is rarely like yesterday;
you are the God who makes dry ground bring unexpected life
and who brings unlikely victory by dying.
So when we take your hand we are asking to be led somewhere, not to stand still.
We know that tomorrow is unknown and unknowable;
but we ask that today you will take our hands
and show us how to make something wonderfully new.

For those who are sick or weak, lonely or fearful,
for those who have forgotten what it is to enjoy life,
take them by the hand and illuminate their darkness.
Bring friendship and love and laughter and peace
and make today a new day.

For those who are hungry or homeless or who no longer belong anywhere,
for those who long ago forgot their place or purpose;
put new ground under their feet, take them by the hand,
bring help and understanding and warmth and good food
and make today a new day.

For those damaged by war or displaced by hatred,
for the huddled masses of refugees and the children hiding in darkened rooms,
take them by the hand and give them a reason to hope.
Bring peace and aid and dignity and purpose
and make today a new day.

And then there is us, your rag-tag body of faithful people;
so often living in the ways and thinking of the past
but nevertheless stewards of your unfolding future
and whisperers of hope and freedom.
We are your unlikely body on earth;
so give us the strength to help others move on
from the yesterdays that bind them
into something unimaginably new.
Give us the courage to break with the past,
to step forward in faith
and make today a wonderful new day.


© Rod Belt 2013, 2016

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