This World Vision video puts the third-world experience of water in a comfortable western setting – and the result is shocking and very very thought provoking.

Increasingly disturbing scene

A car being washed with dirty water is funny, dirty water filling the washing bowl slightly more disturbing. But as we progress from children playing in dirty water towards the final horror of a baby being given a drinking bottle full of filthy water – well, the more I watch it the more shocked I am.

I think what is truly disturbing is the way that as everything gets dirtier the family seem to accept that this is just how it is – which is a brilliant way of portraying the weary acceptance of the poverty of life that populations have in so many places around the world.

World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty. They also campaign for justice.

Sometimes it is good to be shocked. We live cosy lives and forget that others have a very different life with extremely different expectations. This Water for All? video is a reminder of how much work there is to do to bring about justice. Campaigns like the World Vision water campaign are a start.