DramatisDei Customer Map

This map shows the geographic spread of people buying drama scripts from DramatisDei. I’m quite pleased with how it looks and it is good to be able to say the scripts sell on three continents.

A sort-of analysis

What can I say about the typical DramatisDei customer? My unschooled analysis is that he/she is a church member (often in leadership), living in the UK or on the west coast of the USA or around the Great Lakes of USA/Canada or on the Australian East Coast or New Zealand. They also use the internet at least sometimes… OK, I am not very good at customer analysis!

It is perhaps unsurprising that there are large areas of the world that are currently untouched – the drama scripts are, after all, in English. However, if you can help spread the word to some of the untouched English speaking areas we would very much appreciate it! Don’t forget that you can use the sharing buttons at the top of any page.

What is encouraging is that feedback is beginning to arrive from people who have actually performed the scripts – you can email rod at dramatisdei.com. We would love to hear more of that, please keep communicating!

You can see all our scripts at The Drama Store. May I particularly point out Heavenly Resolutions, about New Year resolutions, St. Valentine’s Day Mascara about Valentine’s Day and the meanining of love, and God in Your Cupboard, a drama script for Lent.