Student from Tudor Grange Samworth Academy Leicester performs The Hotel Inspector at Leicester Cathedral, 2017

So you know you could do with a drama to brighten up your special Christmas service, but you have limited time and resources. You’ve looked through those old books of scripts you have had buried for years, put them down in despair  and now you have ended up here. What drama would be good? That depends what story you want to tell, who’s available and how much rehearsal time they can manage!


The Hotel Inspector : One person, limited rehearsal, beautiful and thoughtful

This is a great script for a quiet service like a carol service or similar. If you have limited acting resources available (you?) then a monologue like this is great and if you haven’t got much time for rehearsal the Inspector can read from the script as if having a last read-through of their report. The point of the script is that God chooses all the “wrong” people (and apparently wouldn’t run a very good hotel!). I love this one, it makes me laugh just to read it.
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The Other Christmas Story : Two people, a bit more rehearsal, fun audience participation

This is my best-seller, possibly because it provides silly laugh-out-loud entertainment for all ages. You will need two people who are confident about interacting with the congregation/audience. It’s storytelling with actions for key words, and the audience will end up looking as silly as they want and laughing out loud – in other words, it’s perfect for people getting into the Christmas spirit. And the point of the storytelling? There are so many stories at Christmas, from the inevitable family movie releases to the cute books you read your children at bedtime to uncle Albert’s old old story that he tells every year when he gets merry, but there is only one real Christmas story.
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Sheepville : Four people who are good at looking too busy

At Christmas, everyone says they are too busy, and no one more than those involved in church, which probably makes this script relevant to them. The setting is a traditional Christmas shepherds-on-a-hillside scene, but when the angel turns up, all bright and shining, the shepherds are too busy with their own obsessions or worries to even notice him/her, let alone listen. The point – stop and take a breath or you might miss the point of it all!
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Baby of the Week : Six to ten actors

Written for more actors and possibly video technology, but that’s not essential so don’t be put off. So in this script we have a usual nativity scene – Jesus is in the crib, all the usual characters are present but suddenly the peace is broken as they are gatecrashed by a TV crew intent on bringing their own excitement to a scene they don’t understand. The point – we don’t need TV to tell us what’s important, and the birth of every single child is to be celebrated, whoever they are.
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I hope this list is of some help. Best wishes for Christmas whatever you do!


About the author: Writer of DramatisDei, dramatist and dreamer.