The Hotel Inspector – a monologue for Christmas

The Hotel Inspector is not happy! Visiting the inn at Bethlehem on that starry night should have been a pleasure, but the shepherds are smelly, the wise men are too exotic and as for putting a young couple in the stable – something is seriously wrong with the business plan here!

Prayers – Loving Your Neighbour

We are called to love God with every part of our being,
to love friends, relations, acquaintances, strangers.
Not just love a bit, but love in abundance.
(30 October-5 November Year B)

How To Do Drama

Are you in a drama group? Or perhaps you are trying to form one or run one? How to do drama aims to help the young drama group and its terrified actors, hopeful director and baffled script writer survive in the exciting but frightening world of drama.

The Other Christmas Story – a drama script

This is a humorous Christmas script for all ages with the possibility of improvisation and rowdy audience interaction. In a season of stories (James Bond on television, Santa books at bedtime) this asks the audience: which is the real Christmas story?

Sheepville – a Christmas drama script

In this Christmas drama script, the shepherds are all busy finding food, counting the sheep and playing Sheepville on the GameThing. So when the shiny guy turns up telling them there is something more important going on tonight they take a lot of convincing!

All Saints Prayers – A Sea of Lights

If we shut our eyes really tightly
we can see a sea of lights,
the multitude of those
who have set out on your journey of faith.