The Hotel Inspector

The Hotel Inspector is not happy! Visiting the inn at Bethlehem on that starry night should have been a pleasure, but the shepherds are smelly, the wise men are too exotic and as for putting a young couple in the stable – something is seriously wrong with the business plan here!

Carol Service Prayers – Making Dark Places Sparkly

The days are short and the wind cold,
and in our houses there are dark, shadowy corners.
But with love and hope
help us to bathe our world in sparkle and wonder.

Prayers for Third Sunday of Advent

On the third Sunday of Advent the candle lighting script is based on the theme of justice, and the intercessions call for us to be God’s presence in a broken world.
(Third Sunday of Advent Year C)


In this Christmas drama script, the shepherds are all busy finding food, counting the sheep and playing Sheepville on the GameThing. So when the shiny guy turns up telling them there is something more important going on tonight they take a lot of convincing!

The Other Christmas Story

This is a humorous Christmas drama script for all ages with the possibility of improvisation and rowdy audience interaction. In a season of stories (blockbuster movie releases and jolly Santa books) this asks the audience: which is the real Christmas story?

Advent Candle Readings – Future, Justice, Joy, Peace

Short advent-candle lighting scripts with weekly themes of the future, justice, joy and peace.