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Prayers for a gritty, imperfect world and short drama scripts to make you laugh and think, all lovingly crafted for your church or school gathering by me, Rod. See all the content.

Autumn at DramatisDei - prayers and scripts for harvest, All Saints and Thanksgiving as well as all the weeks in between!

Autumn Collection

It's the time of year for digging out your warmer clothes and getting ready for some cosy gatherings. So look at all of my wonderful and easy to use content for your services or assemblies during this season including Harvest, Thanksgiving, All Saints and remembrance.

Winter Collection

I know you don't want to think about it yet but now is the time to start preparing for your winter festivals, so here are the prayers and drama scripts you will need to fill those cold months with sparkle and wonder through Advent, Christmas and beyond.

What people are saying

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The audience loved ‘The Hotel Inspector’on Christmas Day and it raised a chuckle as well as clearly helping them think through the deeper significance of the season.

Rev. Marty Presdee, Minister, St Thomas' Methodist Church, Lampeter, Wales

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When I saw ‘The Other Christmas Story’ I thought, what a perfect conclusion for our day because no matter what customs or traditions we follow or legends we learn about, the BEST story is the real story which gives meaning to everything else.

Candy Watkins, Messiah Lutheran Church, S. Williamsport, PA, USA

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Deep Roots’ which we did at our Harvest service was extremely well received and excellently executed by the two girl guides. I will certainly visit DramatisDei next time we need a script. Thank you.

Lesley Furniss, Deacon, Brook Lane Community Church