Featured Drama

This touchingly funny drama script about children and their mothers can be performed by children of varying ages with almost no rehearsal. The children share some lovely thoughts about their…

In this Easter drama, Mary is getting ready to visit the tomb and her head is spinning with questions. Why is she going? Why did she follow this man in…

A drama script for Easter. It’s the first Easter Sunday, and while most of the disciples are snoring a few are discussing what has happened and what exactly they should…

Featured Prayers

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Prayer: Dreams of Home
We’re coming home Lord, From the dreams of last night and the tangled thoughts of today. (Fourth Sunday in Lent Year C)
Prayers of Temptation and Sparkly Lives
When we stop being tempted by illusions of lives that are more sparkly we can look around and see those who are in need here and now. (First Sunday in Lent Year C)
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Prayers for Second Chances
Give us a second chance, Lord, to do those things today that we should have done yesterday; to say those things we should have said yesterday. (Third Sunday in Lent Year C)