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A crazy Easter drama script. TV cook Ruby is showing her viewers how to make Resurrection Rolls. Presenter Alex isn’t convinced – can chocolate represent Jesus? Is this real Christianity?…

In this Easter drama, Mary is getting ready to visit the tomb and her head is spinning with questions. Why is she going? Why did she follow this man in…

This touchingly funny drama script about children and their mothers can be performed by children of varying ages with almost no rehearsal. The children share some lovely thoughts about their…

Featured Prayers

Dazzling Change – Prayers of Transfiguration

Dazzling Change – Prayers of Transfiguration

We’re not standing on any lofty mountain
but we have a god who is changing us every day,
making us ready to reach out and change a broken world.
(Transfiguration Sunday Year C) …
Prayer: Called and Unstoppable

Prayer: Called and Unstoppable

Protect us as we venture into new things,
as we become the people you already see.
(4-10 February Year C) …
A voice calling – prayers to help us hear

A voice calling – prayers to help us hear

Original prayers for you to use in any Sunday service.
“to most it is a voice far off, indistinct, uncertain,
But if we listen very very hard we might hear the words:
This is my son”.