Featured Drama

The Hotel Inspector is not happy! Visiting the inn at Bethlehem on that starry night should have been a pleasure, but the shepherds are smelly, the wise men are too…

The Three Wise Men are not necessarily Wise, or Three, or indeed Men. Also they have doubts about the field and fountain, moor and mountain and the star and -…

A Christmas drama script. The baby has been born and there is myrrh and shepherds and angels - unfortunately that’s when Stephanie arrives with a TV crew to announce the…

Featured Prayers

All Saints Prayers – A Sea of Lights

All Saints Prayers – A Sea of Lights

If we shut our eyes really tightly
we can see a sea of lights,
the multitude of those
who have set out on your journey of faith. ...
Prayer Through Child’s Eyes

Prayer Through Child’s Eyes

Let us see again
through new eyes, a child’s eyes,
full of wonder, full of hope.
(23-29 October Year B) ...
Prayers – Loving Your Neighbour

Prayers – Loving Your Neighbour

We are called to love God,
also to love strangers.
Not just love a bit, but love in abundance.
(30 October to 5 November Year B) ...