Drama scripts, prayers and other good stuff for worship, school or meetings with a message.

Featured Dramas

In this short drama script the parable of the Good Samaritan is presented very simply as three people tell us why they acted as they did on that lonely and…


Celebrity Jungle! is a fun and physical set of three highly entertaining drama scripts for all ages. Four celebrities endure the jungle, contrived trials and each other to win a…


A drama script about worry, prayer and camping! It's 2 a.m. and Jonathan can hear noises outside the tent and worries inside his head. This comic drama is perfect for…


Featured Prayers

Prayer: Faith to Change The World

Help us to bring change, never settling for the way things are but always trying to reflect your love, your justice, your compassion and forgiveness. (12–18 June Year C)

Prayers for Stormy Times

So many in this world are refugees, leaving a cherished land behind, nothing ahead but vague hopes and shadowy fears. (19-25 June Year B)

Prayer: Free

Today make each one of us more free: free from fear, free to live with hope and joy and generosity. (3–9 July Year A)