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Prayers for a gritty, imperfect world and short drama scripts to make you laugh and think, all lovingly crafted for your church or school gathering by me, Rod. See all the content.

Winter Collection

Drama scripts and monologues for Christmas services, readings to accompany your Advent candle lighting and prayers to fill your carol service with sparkle and wonder, plus content for the dark months beyond.

Drama Collection

Drama scripts and monologues for all seasons, filled with humour and meaning and suitable for a range of acting abilities and audience ages. Great for leading into sermons!

Prayer Collection

Crisp contemporary prayers for use in communal worship. A hundred themes - find the one that suits your content or go with the suggested calendar dates.

What people are saying

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My Mother Is’ was performed by 25 students aged 9 years in front of their mothers. The mothers all ended up with tears in their eyes. They loved it!

Joanna S Bowman, Learning Support Assistant, St. Augustine College Malta

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’Deep Roots’ which we did at our Harvest service was extremely well received and excellently executed by the two girl guides. I will certainly visit DramatisDei next time we need a script. Thank you.

Lesley Furniss, Deacon, Brook Lane Community Church

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Members of our music group presented ‘Sheepville’ at our Carol Service. The group loved the drama, it went down very well on the night – it was just right for us and our congregation.

Ros Holt, Speedwell Methodist Church, Bristol, UK