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Prayers for All Saints Day - a sea of lights

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All Saints Day is celebrated on 1st November. When it does not fall on a Sunday many churches allow for it to be celebrated on either the Sunday between 30 October - 5 November, 31 October - 6 November, or the first Sunday in November.
Inspired loosely by Revelation 21:1-6a, Isaiah 25:6-9 and John 11:32-44.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

Lord among us
in the present, the past and the future,
like all your people down the ages we are on a journey from darkness into light.
We rejoice as we remember the many who walked this path
and today we want to be newly inspired
to travel the road you lay before us,
to see our way by the flames others have left burning
and to leave a trail of light of our own
as a beacon for those to come.


We call to you, Lord of all times and all places
and, if we shut our eyes really tightly
before us we can make out a sea of lights,
the multitude of those
who have set out on your journey of faith.

There are the lights of believers in every corner of the world.
We ask that you will be in the heart of each one
as they seek to be a witness to your love;
as they struggle to live up to your name;
as they rejoice because of the life you have given.
Lord let them shine brightly where they are.

There are the lights of believers who have gone before us.
We remember those who first carried your word of love to the world,
those who kept your light alive in dark times,
those who have witnessed in this place before us.
Lord let us take inspiration from those who have already travelled the path.

There are the lights of those who will continue your work in coming years.
We will strive to pass on good things;
good attitudes, knowledge, dreams.
But mostly we want them to receive your love
and a desire to care for all people and things.
Lord let the children see a glimpse of you today.

There are the lights of those here now.
We are as imperfect as your church has been down the generations,
but you have entrusted to us your flame.
Help us in our witness here,
help us with our muddled lives,
help our lives to display your all-embracing love
and not a dusty set of rules.
Lord let the light of your love shine through all we do.

Keep us always walking onward towards the light
reaching for the joy you bring,
sharing wildly and with abandon
so that your flame will burn bright tonight
and every night.

© Rod Belt 2015, 2021
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