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Prayers for Harvest Thanksgiving

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Harvest services are often held around the beginning of October.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada
and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

Lord who gives and gives,

As we bring ourselves today
we bring our thankfulness for this world
and for the life you have given.

We bring our willingness
and the talents we don’t believe we have
and a simple joy to be here.

We bring a sense of wonder
and awe
and surprise
at the intricate beauty of this world,
and its abundant fruitfulness.

We come expectantly
to you, the creative God
who imagined the universe
and breathed it into being.



Creator God,

You have made a world overflowing with good things
and we are amazed.
This is a world with so many kinds of plants and animals
that no-one can count their varieties.
In the fields, in the air, the sea and even under our feet
life grows and teems and thrives and refuses to be stopped;
and all we can do is thank you because we are blessed to live
among such abundant life.

Help us never to take any of this for granted.
Give us a sense of wonder at all the life around us
and a consciousness of our total dependence on this natural world.
Help us to remember we are just as much a part of this creation as any creature
and not separate from or above it.
Give us a love for all that lives and moves and breathes
and a care for this earth that we all call home.

Lord make us glad to share the fruits and resources of this world
with anyone and everyone
because you made it for all.

As we eat our daily bread
and all the other good things we expect each day,
help us to remember those around us whose cupboards may be emptier than ours,
and those who have no cupboard at all.
[brief pause]
Show us how to give without offending,
how to work with others who are trying to change lives
and how to challenge the inequalities we see.

There are many people living in places where life is harder:
where fields have become parched; where seas have become poisoned;
where violence and greed and ignorance have spoiled paradise.
[we think of… or brief pause]
We know your world can be healed and we ask you:
show us how to help;
show us how to stop making it worse;
show us all how to be the stewards of creation you call us all to be.

We ask this in the name of God who creates all
and gives all
and makes all things wonderful.


© Rod Belt 2015
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