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Prayers for 6-12 November (B) - Sacrifice

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Sunday between 6 and 12 November, Year B
(Proper 27, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Mark 12:38-44, Hebrews 9:24-28 and Psalm 146.

Opening Prayers or Call to Worship

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord oh my soul!

You are the God of all places,
the lord of all things, all times, all people.

You made it all,
you fought for it all,
and you call us to share it all.

You keep faith forever,
and we will sing your praises
now and always.



Lord who made the heavens and all the earth,
you gave up everything, gave up your all,
shed your blood for each one of us;
not to buy some small victory, but to purchase everlasting peace.

So make us willing to sacrifice our comfort
to give better lives to others,
and to support those who risk their lives daily
to reach the needy.

Lord who gave all to lift up the bowed-down,
lift us when we are burdened, when the world looks black;
take the coldness wrapping our souls and fill us with your warmth,
take the dark hovering shadows and pour in your light.
There are so many troubled people around us.
Help us to be your light in this world.

Lord who gave all to care for the young and the old,
show us how to care for the most vulnerable amongst us.
Help us to create a place of warmth and safety
in our church, our homes, our lives
so that the security you give us may be a security for all.

Lord who gave all to bring justice to the oppressed,
we ask you to support all those working amongst downtrodden people,
the persecuted, tearful and fearful communities of this world,
those in occupied lands and ravaged places,
those in places where hope is lost and tomorrow is feared.
To those who bring help and hope give strength
and the assurance that they are bringing in your kingdom.

Lord who gave all to watch over strangers,
help us to welcome every stranger who comes our way,
particularly those whose life or story or style seems different from ours.
Make us always slow to judge and quick to accept
so that we can be true friends to the friendless and a home for the lost.

You call us to be a sacrificial people.
We remember those who down the generations
have given everything to build a better world.
Help us to give from the all you have given us,
help us to support those who are most in need,
help us to bring your peace.

Lord help us to bring your everlasting love to this weary earth.


© Rod Belt 2012, 2021
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