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Prayers for 2-8 October (A) - fruitfulness

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Prayers to use anytime you think they are useful, but originally written for
Sunday between 2 and 8 October, Year A

(Proper 22, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Inspired by Matthew 21:33-46, Philippians 3:4b-14, Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20.

Opening prayers or Call to worship


Lead us into your presence,
bring us into your peace.
Help us to lay down our loads,
give you our sorrows,
and sing out your praises.
Let us, if only for an hour or so,
See the world as you see it
And let us be changed for ever.




Forgive us.
We’ve tried to be good Christians when we should have been good friends.
We’ve tried to remember chapters and verses
when we should have remembered those in need.
We’ve tried to follow rules when we should have followed you.
We’ve tried to be right when we should have been fruitful.

Help us to be fruitful Lord.

Help us to be kind, caring, compassionate.
Make us generous in our actions and words, building others up and not tearing down.
We ask you to bless those in need today,
Guide us as we reach out to bless all around us
and let the blessing we share spread further than we can imagine.

Help us to be faithful in all things,
The big and the small, whether anybody is looking or not,
So that your love and creativity can shine brightly in all we do.

Help us to find joy in the life around us:
to smile at beauty and to laugh out loud at the ridiculous;
to feel our spirits soar at the wonder of it all.
Help us to bring infectious joy wherever we go.

Let us be marked by peace,
a peace so absent in a world of packed schedules and instant communication.
Let your church be a place of refuge from the storms raging outside
and make your people a calm presence even in the most troubled places and situations.
We cry out for your peace to come to this world today.

Help us to be your love in this world,
putting others always before ourselves.
Don’t let us be embarrassed to show the love we have, because love is a precious thing.
Show us practical ways to love those most in need, whether near or far.

Sometimes Lord we look at the way things are
And we are puzzled or angry or despairing.
Come and dwell inside us Lord, inside our hearts
Come and dispel the clouds that so often lives there
so that we can help you remove the darkness from this world
and bring others into your daylight.


© Rod Belt 2012, 2021
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